• Youth Group Attends Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2016


    A Crowd gathered for worship at Triennium.

    Pastor Bala along with Parker Brandt, Trey Jones and Kylie Carlson had a wonderful time at the Youth Triennium held in Purdue University, Indiana from July 19th-23rd. There were around 5000 youth and adults participants from all over the country and abroad too. Hear what the youth have to say about their experience.

    Parker Brandt – My experience at Triennium was awesome. It was very fun meeting familiar people and meeting new ones from South Dakota and from other states. Being in a room with 5,000 other people all coming together to worship God is very moving. Overall my experience at Triennium was the best thing all summer.

    Kylie Carlson – I really enjoyed the week I spent in Indiana for Triennium. I met a lot of new friends as well as strengthened my friendships with other South Dakota youth. I really liked the worship ceremonies, energizers, and small group time. I definitely learned a lot and grew in faith and I am already excited for the next in 2019.

    Trey Jones – How can you describe the experience I just went through?? The words eye opening or amazing just don’t cover all of it. But this weekend I made more friends from over the nation (the best are from Ohio) but I also grew friendship with my friends from here in my home state. And now leaving had me for the first time wishing I didn’t graduate so I wouldn’t have to leave these amazing people. But I know no matter where I go I will take the memory of them with me to tell my kids when it’s their time to go to Triennium and I will look back at this experience and smile.  


    Presbytery of South Dakota Delegation


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