Worship with Us

10 am every Sunday &

9.30 am in the summer time
(Memorial weekend – Labor weekend)

With a social hour following the service.

What to expect

  • Worship Style: We consider ourselves to have a blended form of worship, meaning we have a mixture of traditional and contemporary styles. Most Sundays we have a mixture of traditional hymns and contemporary praise and worship music. We also occasionally try to add some interactive pieces to the service. Listen to a sermon here.
  • What to Wear: On any given Sunday you will see some in blue jeans and t-shirts and others in a full suits or dresses. There is no dress code or even a norm for worship attire at First Presbyterian Church. Our hope is that you wear what you feel most comfortable wearing while worshiping God.
  • Children in Worship: Children are welcome at all times to our worship services and are encouraged to participate whenever possible. Here are some ways children are involved with worship:
    • There are activity bags and children’s books available in the back of the sanctuary.
    • During the offering the children are encouraged to joyfully bring their offering forward and place it in the milk jug.
    • There is also a children’s sermon at midpoint in the service.
    • If for any reason you have to step out of the worship service with your child there are Sunday school rooms upstairs with toys. Down stairs you will also find the youth room, which is an excellent room for nursing or naps. This room is found at the bottom or the stairs to the left.  Click here to view an article by our pastors on Children in Worship.
  • Communion (aka Lord’s Table or Eucharist) Communion is celebrated every first Sunday of the month. All professing Christians are welcome to take part.
  • Parking: There is usually plenty of parking on Sunday morning. You can park in the small parking lot in the back of the church (the North side), or all along 5th Street or 8th Ave.


  • Mobility:  If you are in a wheel chair or want to avoid stairs there is a wheel chair ramp on the east side of the building (off of 8th ave), or there is an elevator on the north side of the building (facing the parking lot).
  • Hearing: If you have trouble with hearing we encourage you pick up a wireless headset that connects directly into our audio system. You can pick one up from who ever is running the audio/visual equipment at the back of the sanctuary.