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    Tell the Story. That’s our job as a church. To tell ourselves, to tell each other, to tell our children, and to tell others the story of God. We tell of a God who created the world and called it good. We tell the story of amazing and amazingly flawed people like Abraham and Moses that followed God as best they could. We remember the story of the prophets who spoke truth when it was unpopular. But most of all we tell the story of a tiny helpless child who entered the world so all could have hope. That child grew up to teach us all what love really means. That is the story of our faith. That story changes us into the people God would have us be.

    This fall, starting September 11th, we will be starting a new lectionary. A lectionary is one way pastors choose the text on Sunday morning. We have traditionally followed the Revised Common Lectionary, which largely follows the themes of the liturgical seasons (i.e. Christmas, Lent, Easter). While our lectionary for this year, the narrative lectionary’s primary aim is to tell the story of God in chronological order from Creation to the start of the Christian church in Acts.

    It starts in the fall, with some historical narratives like the stories of Abraham and Joseph. Then by the time we reach Thanksgiving we focus on the prophets, and the prophecy of a Savior. At Christmas Jesus enters the world and we will then read in chronological order passages from the Gospel according to Luke. After Easter and the end of the study of Luke we will enter Acts and the creation of the church. This lectionary series will end June 4th.

    With the Revised Common Lectionary we often jump all over the Bible, and our hope with this new lectionary is that we will teach the scope of God’s story in order. Teaching scripture in this way will hopefully help deepen everyone’s understanding from the tiniest children to people who have heard more sermon’s then they can count. Telling this story is no ordinary task but the holiest of events, which we both take very seriously. To learn more about this lectionary visit www.workingpreacher.org/narrativelectionary.

    In Christ,

    Pastors Cheryl & Bala Khyllep

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