• People Are Thirsty

    On August 12th, at the Annual Britton Area Chamber of Commerce Harvest Days, you will find members of the First Presbyterian Church of Britton handing out free blue reusable water bottles. Why, you ask? Because people are thirsty—thirsty for clean water and spiritually thirsty for living water.

    On hot August days, like Harvest Days will most likely be, our bodies yearn for water, and our doctors tell us it is good for us. But the thirst goes deeper than that! In the fall of 2016, our country became aware of unclean water that was affecting Flint, Michigan, causing health problems for its residents, especially the children. Sadly, Flint, Michigan isn’t the only community in our country that has unhealthy amounts of lead in their water.

    Through the Presbyterian Mission Agency, the First Presbyterian Church of Britton is raising funds for water filters for communities like Flint, Michigan. Every 50 dollars raised buys one filter a family can put on their faucet. As members pass out the free water bottles, they will have a basket for a free will donation to this important cause. The church has already contributed two filters and will be collecting a special offering in worship on the Sunday after Harvest Days.

    On the bottles we will give out is printed the words, “Do You Thirst for Living Water?” using a biblical reference from chapter 11 of the gospel of John. In that passage, Jesus is speaking to the Samaritan woman at the well, who is seeking to fill her pail with water for her home. But Jesus helps her see her thirst goes deeper than that, she needs living water—spiritual truth and love that gives meaning to her life.

    First Presbyterian Church of Britton believes we are all like that woman at the well, we are seeking more than just meeting our physical needs. Many in our community feel out of balance, disconnected to what truly matters, at the end of their rope, unfulfilled, or simply lonely. While the church isn’t a magic bullet and it takes time to build relationships, it is a place where we can drink deeply of living water. When we feel lost and the world feels chaotic, the church is a place we can ground ourselves in Christ.

    For First Presbyterian Church, these water bottles remind our members and their neighbors that there is a place to go when they are thirsty.

    Learn more about the gift of water filters or even give online here.

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