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    “One generation commends your works to another;
    they tell of your mighty acts.” Psalm 145:4

     On most days, our small ones go to daycare, our children go to school, adults go to work, and retired individuals spend their time at the senior center or volunteering. You see our culture separates itself by age. We seldom interact with individuals of a different generation that are not part of our own family. One of the greatest gifts of a church community is that we gather together every Sunday young and old to worship and follow in God’s ways. A growing body of research shows that individuals are strengthened in faith when they build meaningful relationships with people from a different generation. When you think about it, that’s not hard to believe. We are strengthened when we see the long enduring faith of those who are older than us, and at the same time we are filled with joy and hope when we see the simple faith of our young people.

    Based on this insight, we are trying to develop, in our church, intentional ways we are building relationships across generations, because it is all too easy to fall into that rhythm established by our culture to stick with those our own age. We have encouraged our youth Kylie Carlson and Parker Brandt to help out with Sunday school. And we are seeking to go on an intergenerational mission trip this coming summer, where all are welcome. This trip will allow us to serve and to grow in faith with a broad diversity of ages. How exciting and wonderful!? If you are interested please join us for a meeting Wednesday, October 5th at 6pm. In this way, we encourage you to engage someone who is older or younger than you in meaningful conversation so that we all might be more faithful believers.

    May your faith be strengthened by knowing and loving someone from a different generation.

    In Christ,
    Pastors Cheryl & Bala Khyllep

    P.S: If you are interested in planning, fundraising or participating in this intergenerational mission trip for the summer of 2017, please join us for a meeting October 5th at 6:00pm. Pizza will be served for supper.

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