• “In Solitude With God” Psalm 46, Matthew 4:1-11

    “Made no mistake our smartphones are not the only things that get us distracted, but we are also distracted by all the many demands in our everyday lives. Our waking moments are filled with stuff: from all the sports and school activities that take a big chunk of our time to chores like mowing our lawn, doing our laundry and dishes, figuring out what to eat and feed the family for the week, exercising, board meetings, and so on. We feel we can’t miss sporting events or feel obligated to attend to all the community events that we at time drain ourselves out. All this time running here and there affects our relationship with other people so that we end up not having time for one another. We have to ask ourselves how many of these distractions are really that important or do we dread doing nothing?”
    Rev. Bala Khyllep
    August 19th, 2017
    Sermon Series 2 – Staying Connected to What Matters (Week 4)
    Annual Outdoor Worship

    P.S: Since it’s an outdoor worship on a very windy day the sound quality is not that good. Also, it’s difficult to keep pages in place.

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