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    By Stephanie Brandt

    Since the doors opened November 24, 1997, the food pantry has served thousands of county and surrounding residents of all ages. Every week, on Friday and Saturday, various volunteers are available at the Marshall County Food Pantry. The pantry provides food and other basic necessities to families that would otherwise be unable to purchase at a store. Anywhere from 10- 15 families and/or individuals are served each day the pantry is open. Special boxes are given out at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Prior to school opening each year, school supplies are made available to the kids. An annual winter coat drive opens to the public each fall, too. This community has continued to provide so much to the pantry, and donations are always welcome. At times the shelves may become nearly empty, but no one has ever been turned away as contributions seem to be available when needed. Donations to the food pantry are welcome, whether in the form of financial means, food, coats, Christmas gifts, or as a volunteer. Real people benefit from the pantry. Former Pastor Tieszen has been quoted as saying, “The Lord will provide, and He does.” The Marshall County community and surrounding area seems to pull together when needed and asked to help at the Pantry.

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