• Experiencing Something Holy

    From the Pastors’ Desk

    This is a holy moment for the church. You may not feel it but it is. And we aren’t just talking about Advent. In scripture and in our Christian practice beginnings and endings are holy moments. The two most significant seasons in the church are Advent and Lent. Advent represents the time before Jesus entered the world and begin his earthly ministry, while Lent represents the time before Jesus ended his earthly ministry. Beginnings and endings are significant holy moments when we are a bit closer to God and we can sense God’s movement a little more keenly. Just think about in your own life when you have witnessed the start of life and the ending of life? Did you see God’s movement?

    As we come to the end of our ministry here in this church we have noticed many holy moments. As we remember what God has done in our lives and yours over the past 4 years, we see the Holy Spirit’s handiwork everywhere. As we grieve and say goodbye we are reminded of the strength of the “tie that binds” both to one another in Jesus Christ. We have experienced God’s Grace through this congregation and your willingness to let us go even though we might be dear to your heart. Strength to do that can only come from God. And finally, we see God challenging us every day to trust in His activity and entrust our future in God.

    God is doing something new in this congregation and this is a time of grief and change, but we must never forget in whom we trust. This is a challenging time for all of us, but we must never forget it is also a Holy time. We have the opportunity to see God a little closer than we normally do. How have you seen God working?

    We praise God for the opportunity to serve you all these past four years. You are, and always will be dear, to our hearts. Thank you for loving us and trusting us. We are humbled. For without a doubt we know we have experienced something Holy here.

    Hope you have a blessed Christmas,
    Pastor Bala & Cheryl Khyllep

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