• Do You Even Care?

    From Your Pastors’ Desk

    For many of us the church has had significant impact on our lives, it raised us up in scripture during Sunday school, it has been there in our time of grief or pain, and it sent us to camp or on that mission trip where we became closer to God. And the beautiful gift of the church is it seemingly will always be there. Like God, even if you get busy and have other commitments, or go on vacation, or just grow distant from the church we know that when we are ready to come back there will be Sunday worship on Sunday morning in that same building. We count on it. But, as Sunday morning attendance decreases along with membership we know these days might just be numbered.

    If we care about our future as a Christian community, we know the church has a lot of work to do. We have to welcome others into our family of faith. We have to build stronger relationships within our community. We have to serve those in need here in Britton and in the world. We have to reevaluate what it means to be church in this new time and place, and it will not look like the church did 50 years ago. But to do all that important work first we have to care. We have to believe the church plays a significant, indispensable role in our lives, our families’ lives, and in our society. Do you care? Do you hope that the church is still here to support your children and grandchildren throughout their life? This is a question we don’t just answer with our words but with our actions.

    And you might be thinking well, “I am no leader, I am not capable or qualified to do all this work of the church.” Well, that’s kind of true, but you are in good company. From Moses saying he was not a good public speaker, to Jeremiah who was just a child, from Isaiah with his sinfulness that needed to be cleaned with fire to Paul with his thorn in the flesh, none of us are capable or able to do what God calls us to do, if it were not for God. So it doesn’t matter how learned you are, how old you are, or how physically able you are, God is calling you to show up and care.

    We have many exciting things happening in the life of the church that you can participate in. Every sermon during August and the first week of September we will be focusing on technology and our lives of faith. Join us as we have critical conversations about how we can be faithful to Jesus in this technologically advanced world. At Harvest Days, members will be handing out water bottles to reach out to others within our community. And along with the water bottles we will be collecting a special offering for the purchase of water filters for communities in the United States that are struggling with unhealthy amounts of lead in their water. You can volunteer to hand out bottles or donate to this important cause. Then on September 10th in worship we will be having a “Let’s be Neighbors” Sunday where we will celebrate new banners that welcome all God’s people into our church. Please show up on that special Sunday and bring a friend.

    God has gifted us with this incredible gift of Christian community; it is time we showed our gratitude to God by singing with our hearts and actions, “Here I am Lord…I will go where you lead me.”

    In Christ,

    Pastor Bala and Pastor Cheryl Khyllep

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