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    As pastors we know that in worship, in a pew is where our children should be on Sunday mornings. For Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me; do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs“ (Mark 10:14). Although, sometimes as a parent it is hard to feel the conviction that our children should be in worship. We hear every sound our child makes and worry that it is distracting those around us. And sometimes we are so concentrated with keeping our child quiet that it is hard for us to pay attention and worship. We get it. Here are three thoughts that encourage us to keep our daughter in worship:

    1. Sunday mornings are a time of worship not a performance. Worship is a time when we all turn our hearts to God to say thank you and to allow God to teach us how to better be a disciple of Jesus Christ. The choir does not give a mini concert and we as your pastors are not performers. We are all working together to glorify God. Little people sometimes shout for joy or cry out in misery during worship, and that is okay because that is their way of worshiping God.
    2. Children get out of worship more than we think. Some people worry that the children don’t understand the hymns, prayers, or the sermon, so what is really the point of having them sit through the whole service. But that’s not what is important for them to know and understand at this time. According to the Fuller Youth Institute, the number one predictor if a child will stay with their faith into adulthood is if they sat with their parents in worship. Sometimes just witnessing the people, they love and look up to, faithfully following God is more than enough learning for one day.
    3. The children have something to teach us. As we are learning more and more each day, our children teach us a lot. They teach us patience, perseverance, and that the little things matter. Lately Issy, has been better at remembering to pray before meals than we have been! We need to remember children are a blessing to us, and no matter our age they always have something to teach us.

    As much as it is a struggle to have our daughter in worship we are going to keep her there because she needs to be there to hear the Good News and sense the presence of God. And more than that the community of believers needs her there to fully represent the family of God. You know some days Issy just wakes up “on the wrong side of the crib” and it is hard for us to keep her in church. Some days we just need to step out of the sanctuary for her or our own sanity. Some kids you need to do that for more than others. And that’s okay. As a parent you need to do what you need to do. But I want every parent and congregation member to know that children are and always will be welcome in worship.

    In Christ,
    Pastor Cheryl & Pastor Bala Khyllep

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