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    Presbyterians love committees and process. While that can often feel cumbersome and overly formal, there is good reason for that! Jesus Christ is the true head of the church, he is our pope, or CEO, our leader, and to know the will of Christ we need to acknowledge the Holy Spirit working inside all of our members to discern the will of Christ. Our Book of Order (the constitution of our denomination) allows for each church to determine how it is governed. The Book of Order instructs us to find a system of governance that it is not so lax that people do what ever they want without proper planning, but also not so structured that everything is tied up in committee meetings and nothing gets done. To strike that right balance the Session of our church is considering restructuring our committees. They are considering consolidating our now 7 committees (not including trustees) into 3. These committees are as follows:

    • Faith and Nurture: This committee will see to the care and spiritual growth of our membership. They will be in charge of worship, Christian education (both of children and adults), and for care of the members.
    • Faith and Practice: This committee will focus on how we live as Christ’s disciples in our community and world. Their responsibilities will include oversight of our finances, encouraging thoughtful stewardship in the congregation, and seeking ways we can serve God through missions.
    • Faith and Calling: This committee will seek to engage and encourage our church members to serve others in the way God is calling them to serve. This committee will oversee the staff of the church, will engage in creative ways to reach the un-churched in our community, and will seek to fill leadership positions in the church.

    Through this proposed change, there will be less need for meetings in the church and more work can be done at each meeting. As you can see in the titles of each committee, faith—following God’s leading is integral to all three committees. This is not change for change sake. This transition to three committees can strengthen our leadership and ultimately our ministry.

    In no way has this plan become official. We would love to hear your thoughts. Will this strengthen our congregation and it’s ministry? Or will it change too much, too soon? We, along, with the Session would love to hear your thoughts. Please let us know.

    May each of you always know how important you are to our congregation and our future.

    Happy New Year,

    Pastor Bala & Pastor Cheryl Khyllep

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