• “Can We Do This?” John 13:31-38

    “So you might be still thinking in your heart and mind, I can’t do this. I am no Martin Luther King or Mother Theresa, I don’t have time to show up. I am just trying to get through the day, make ends meet and care for my family. I want to tell you two things. First you were designed to love. That’s who God made you to be. So long as you deny that part of yourself that was designed to love those around you, you will remain lost and unfulfilled. And to that point, secondly, Jesus isn’t calling you into death and sacrifice. Jesus is calling you to life. It is life breathing and life nourishing to serve one another. So how is God calling you to show up today? How is God calling you to actually live life instead of going through the motions?…we have to keep singing we have to keep loving our neighbors because there are those who don’t know they are loved or have forgotten. Love will conquer darkness.”
    Rev. Cheryl Khyllep
    September 10th, 2017
    Let’s Be Neighbors Sunday

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