• “Awkward Moments” John 4:4-26, 39-42

    “Because conversations are awkward! We all know it but don’t say it. They are awkward because where do we look, what do we say, we stumble on our words, they stumble on their words, we end up repeating ourselves. But most of all it is slow moving, we want the information they have or the information we have to share to come out quickly and efficiently, but conversations are slow moving and organic—take time and an incredible amount of concentration. The thing that is most irritating about conversations is they are uncontrollable. We cannot control where the conversation will go and how the other person will interpret or misinterpret our words. Conversations are indeed awkward…But Jesus enters into a royally huge awkward situation and dare I say it, has a conversation.”
    Rev. Cheryl Khyllep
    August 13th, 2017
    Summer Sermon Series 2 – Staying Connected to What Matters: Week 3

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