• An Important Reminder

    From Your’s Pastors Desk

    We are all about to go on a journey. A journey we walk every year. It is the journey to the cross and eventually to redemption. This is the journey and the story that centers us as Christians; the thing we can all agree on and the thing that guides us to move forward in faith.

    As your pastors and bearers of the Good News, we hope this holy season reminds you of two very important truths. First and foremost, we desire that you know the love of God. Jesus Christ, fully God and fully human chose to come down to earth to redeem the world. That was a choice made out of love, and we know the depth of that love when we remember the cross. Holy week reminds us how deeply we are loved—all of us. Secondly, remember that darkness, evil and death will never have the last word in God’s Kingdom. Even when times seem impossible and that redemption seems not to be found, we have faith in our God that there is always hope. These two important truths aren’t just nice to hear occasionally, they are life. We don’t just put them on pretty plaques on the wall, we write them on our hearts because they give us life.

    So, brothers and sisters of faith know this to the marrow of your bones: you are deeply loved by God, and nothing you do or no person can ever come between you and that love. And let this truth be a lamp to your feet: God’s redeeming work cannot be stopped. Our God will always have the last word. What a gift it is to be reminded of these two truths that give us the courage to walk forward in our journey of faith. Come be reminded of this Good News in worship during Holy Week.

    In Christ,

    Pastor Bala and Pastor Cheryl Khyllep

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