Let's Be Neighbors Sunday

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

We Choose Love

From Your's Pastors Desk: We all know by now from the incidents in Charlottesville that hate groups are on the rise. According to a February report from the Southern Poverty Law Center there are 917 hate groups in our country. These are organizations that if you play out their ideology, it would mean genocide to certain people groups. .....To read more click on the image above...

People Are Thirsty

On August 12th, at the Annual Britton Area Chamber of Commerce Harvest Days, you will find members of the First Presbyterian Church of Britton handing out free blue reusable water bottles. Why, you ask? Because people are thirsty—thirsty for clean water and spiritually thirsty for living water....To read more click on the image above...

New Banners Blessed

Across the world there has been too much hate written across walls. First Presbyterian Church of Britton, SD decided it was time to write love on their own walls. Through a micro-grant from SD Faith in Public Life, the church is installing three large banners on their front entrance. The banners recognize Jesus’ commandment to love and proclaim to their neighbors “We Choose Love.”...To read more click on the image above...

BackPack Program

Each year the Session at First Presbyterian Church designates funds to go to local missions. One of those organizations is the BackPack program that is supported by organizations and churches in the Britton Community. The program is run through the Britton-Hecla school district and various local helpers...To read more click on the image above...

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Why Do You Love First Presbyterian Church?

Read why people love this community of faith.

I love this church because I feel at home each and every time I enter through the front doors and sit in a familiar pew. The church and the church body/members genuinely care about one another through the best of times and worst of times. I love the First Presbyterian Church of Britton because it is where God has called me to be and to worship with others.

Stephanie Brandt

I love the morning and evening sun streaming through the sanctuary windows; I love that First Presbyterian does more than proclaim that Jesus saves. This church challenges me to discover what that saving grace frees me to do in THIS world.

Susan Wismer

Being a member of the First Presbyterian Church is great. Everyone always makes you feel welcome and the music that fills the church warms my heart.

Stephanie Symens